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Co-founder of consulting firm Neurons Lab and advisor to AI products builders. On Medium, I write about proven strategies for achieving ML technology leadership

Ground principles of reinforcement learning in financial markets

Can you trade a cosine wave before the real markets?

How do reinforcement learning agents learn to trade like this? | Illustration by the author

Tips for educators and self-trained data scientists

How to learn in the age of commoditized knowledge and commercialized research

A photo from
  • Educators, who are looking for more result-oriented alternatives to academic teaching approaches
  • Self-paced students, who aim to achieve results…

To learn new libraries or finally do what the clients want?

Strategies and tactics for independent experts

Illustration from Upslash

Don’t make the consultants fool you!

How to satisfy all stakeholders with a great product

Illustration from Upslash
  • either generalist consultants who can tell about bright future and economic impact without concrete numbers and next steps;
  • or deep experts, who know the potential and limitations of the technology, but they lack systematic business and social vision about it.

Wave motion illustration

Wave motion illustration


Understanding strategy risk and the probability of overfitting: small numbers that change everything

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Combinatorial and scenario-based backtesting from historical data and simulations

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On the dangers of walk-forward backtesting, how to measure them and not feel right, but to be right

Illustration form

Coding or selling the code?

Disassembling careers of the technology rockstars and young entrepreneurs all over the world

Alexandr Honchar

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